Let's start with the courses that sell out

These babes have been featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and The Today Show!

Ultimate Brush Lettering Course

Take control of your lettering results, creating optimal letter structure each and every time.

Learn the highly desirable techniques such as adding bounce to your hand lettering and creating additional effects.

The Flock Membership

Join a member-based community of mentorship, industry leading resources and support for artists of all stages who speak your language.

Pull back the curtain and gain industry knowledge you can't find anywhere else.

Creative Course Lab®

What if your courses had a stand-out signature framework that resulted in wildly engaged students each and every time?

Welcome to the most transformational, comprehensive framework for creating engaging, profitable online classes.



Procreate Dreams lets anyone be an animator

Are you prepared to breathe new life into your art?!


This means the creative mind needs active limitations

These programs run once a year, and trust me, you don't want to miss them.

6 weeks of guidance, workshops, and ongoing prompts

✔️ that will push you outside your comfort zone

✔️ help you create work that you LOVE

✔️ and most importantly, give you permission to create

Procreate Bootcamp

🗓️   Jan 19 - March 1, 2024  📱

Sketchbook Bootcamp

🗓️   Nov 1 - Dec 14, 2024   🎨

I teach the way I learn

The most transformational courses are the ones that stir your passion and open doors

You see your art not just as a hobby, but as an integral part of who you are and who you can become. What you may lack is a roadmap to take you from where you are to where you yearn to be.

This is where I step in. I'm going to help you navigate through the complex yet exhilarating terrain of creativity and skill-building. My courses are your shortcut through the maze of self-doubt and creative blocks.

Here, you'll find the concentrated wisdom from my years of artistic exploration—crafted to elevate your artistry in a way that traditional tutorials and endless practice alone can't match.

Your art deserves your best self.
And I'm here to help you become just that.


Want to create eye-catching embroidered photographs...

...that will take your creativity to uncharted territories?



⬇ Beginners start here ⬇

Free mini-course

Jump Start Into Modern Calligraphy

In 4 short sessions, you'll learn

  • my secret letter form fundamentals
  • how spacing affects aesthetics
  • applying proper weight lines, and
  • easy compositions
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Free mini-course

Jump Start Into Procreate

Over 3 days, I'll provide you with the tools you need to know within Procreate so you can create a better workflow, optimize your potential within the program, and most of all, enjoy the discovery.

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It's not me. It's you.

Lessons for where you're at RIGHT NOW

Maybe you're bored with the basics. Maybe you've never even touched art supplies. Whatever the case is, I've got resources for exactly what you need NOW.

You have permission to explore.

Listen, I'm 100% self taught and I don't think anybody should feel stifled from not knowing what ya don't know. I'm honored to be a part of your art journey and help you build your skills without frustration!

I'm not into saying the "right" things...

I'm into connecting with YOU and working to make the creative community even stronger. Art truly saved me and if I can help facilitate igniting that passion in others, well shoot, I'll call that a good day.

Create more than you consume

The beauty behind making something with our hands is in the imperfections. Learning how to master flaws and channel them into distinguished character is what makes your art special and unique to you.

I help creatives break elements down into unconventional, yet straightforward fundamentals that will give you a unique foundation that you can confidently build your craft upon.

Looking for bite-sized tutorials?

View Peggy's Skillshare classes right here!

Painting & drawing classes

The beauty is often in the imperfections. Learning how to see objects in a new way, through shapes and lines, allows you to recreate them on paper. Vibrant color, experimental texture, brush control, loose sketching, buildings, flowers, leaves... dive in with me.

Calligraphy & lettering classes

From my unique fundamentals to building cohesive alphabets to ornamental flourishes, these quick and easy classes will take you from a beginner to a lettering master!

Procreate classes

There are so many ways to do one thing in software programs like Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Learn the ins and outs of must-know and must-use software to optimize your workflow.

Creative biz classes

Social media tricks, pricing your work, building a creative career, gaining traction through online discoverability...

Jump into my world and I'll guide you through my tried and true best practices.