Jump Start Into Modern Calligraphy

This mini-course will get you equipped with the need-to-know
fundamentals of letter forms, how spacing makes all the difference in
the vibe, weight lines to bring your calligraphy to life, and quick
and easy compositions.
This is when calligraphy clicked for me. No one else has explained the basics of modern calligraphy like Peggy, and I feel like I know the secret handshake to learn this skill now. Knowing exactly how to form the letters, their relation to each other, what to focus on - this is what I have been needing. My practice before now has been a shot in the dark. Now I know exactly what to do to improve, and I am so excited to get going!
- Angela R.
I FINALLY had a breakthrough learning moment!! The way the instructor teaches the strokes and the space and balance of the letters is SO GOOD! I’m so excited to keep practicing with the principles I’ve learned in this course! Thank you!
- Nicole W.
Peggy is a fantastic teacher. She’s simple, clear and concise. I’ve taken a bunch of classes from other teachers online where I feel like I have to take a thousand notes to get the concepts being taught. Not with Peggy. Her instructional style allows you to follow along and ingest the information without the need to take but a note or two.
John S.

Don't make this common mistake...

I see it every day. Fundamental structure is skipped and aspiring calligraphers
jump right into modern calligraphy without the crucial foundations in place.
Because of this, they feel stuck before they really get going, and in turn, many give up.

I completely understand the struggle.
And you shouldn't feel stifled if you simply don't know what you don't know.

This 4-part mini-course covers my own unique shaping method which will guide you,
step-by-step, through building the easiest cohesive alphabet without stress or confusion.

Here's what we'll cover:

Create beautiful, cohesive letter structures to form your alphabet

Construct proper weight lines to bring your calligraphy to life

Learn to invoke moods to relay a particular vibe and aesthetic

Quick and easy composition tricks to help you lay out your hand designed quotes

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