Brush Lettering Bundle for Procreate

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25 pressure sensitive brushes, ideal for brush lettering effects and modern calligraphy.

Pack includes:
- The Pigeon Letters Brush Pen
- TPL Rough Brush Pen
- TPL Fine Calligraphy Brush
- TPL MonoPigeon Brush
- TPL Fatty Lettering Brush
- TPL Watercolor Opaque Brush
- TPL Watercolor Transparent Brush
- TPL Glitter Brush
- TPL Moonlight Brush
- TPL Chunky Glitter Brush
- TPL Textured Glitter Brush
- TPL Au Naturel Brush
- TPL Oily Round Brush
- TPL Grainy Brush
- TPL Dip Ink
- TPL Charcoal Round Brush
- TPL Liquid Brush
- TPL Streaky Brush
- TPL Soot
- TPL Spiro Brush
- TPL Textile Brush
- TPL Glow Worm
- TPL Asphalt Brush
- TPL Raw Edge Round Brush
- TPL Billow Brush
- Full comprehensive bounce lettering workbook

These custom Procreate brushes include pressure sensitivity for calligraphic design, hand lettering, and even illustration.

Bounce lettering is a trend in modern calligraphy that isn't going out of style any time soon. Its playful, airy form catches eyes and sets the mood right from the get-go. These practice sheets encourage the famous quote by Pablo Picasso: "Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist." You're going to be diving into the art of breaking the rules. Bounce lettering is a fun way to spin what we know of calligraphy into a playful, even whimsical vibe. It produces gorgeous results leaving the eye wanting more.

Each letter is displayed on its own page in two ways: You'll see letters within traditional guidelines and then you'll see how to break out of the guidelines (in black), followed with gray letters of each version for ease of tracing. There are four lines below each letter for additional practice.
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