Article Submissions

The Pigeon Letters is an art education platform, featuring education, tips and tricks for artists. While Peggy Dean's primary focus is painting, drawing, and lettering, we ideally include artists using all sorts of media. You never know what will spark interest in someone else, after all!

Please thoroughly read the following guidelines if you're interested in submitted content for TPL blog. Note that we are open to submissions from artists and other creatives, we do not accept essay-writers or articles aimed at promoting your service.


Please submit the following to

  • Your full name
  • Web/social links
  • Short bio with headshot image
  • 500-1500 word tutorial in step-by-step format (see below for additional details)
  • A minimum of 5 accompanying images (see below for additional details)

Additional details

  • Your article should be presented in step-by-step format. Please use numerical steps with a couple words for each step. Example: "Step 1: Prep Your Canvas"
  • Articles are subject to grammar and spelling adjustments.
  • Please be sure that all images have even lighting and are without background distractions or heavy shadows; please submit horizontal images only
  • Images can be submitted if the text document reflects where images should be placed (e.g. "insert how-to-paint-a-galaxy-1.jpg")
  • Image file names should be named according to the article. Example: "how-to-paint-a-galaxy-1.jpg"
  • Image file size should be between 800-1200 px wide.
  • Do not include affiliate links. We reserve the right to remove and/or edit links.

Familiarize yourself with The Pigeon Letters

Before submitting your work, be sure to scan the blog for examples of the setup. The general voice we're looking for is loose and casual. We're all friends here!

We receive many submissions and can only respond to artists who are selected to be featured. Note that articles are not paid.

Art rights remain with the original artists and will not be used in any way other than credited features within The Pigeon Letters.