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Embrace the New Year: How to Create a Collage Vision Board in Your Journal

Embrace the New Year: How to Create a Collage Vision Board in Your Journal

Welcome to the transformative world of vision boarding! Hi, I’m Doriana, with The Pigeon Letters Design Team, and in this tutorial, I'll guide you on a journey of goal-setting, and creative expression through the art of collage in your journal, setting our lives for the new year.



how to create a mixed media vision board


Step 1: Engage in mindful journaling

how to make a vision board tutorial

Before cutting and pasting, connect with your thoughts. Write down key words or short phrases that resonate with your dreams and aspirations for 2024, setting the stage for your vision board. I recommend thinking of your Word of the year, and working with that in mind. Mine is Thrive, which i plan to do in all aspects of my life, personal and professional.

Peggy’s book Mindful Sketching has a really good list of emotions that you can use to use as word of the year, or to help you get your ideas on paper.


Step 2: Select images and words

vision board tutorial

With your keywords written by your side, leaf through magazines, and choose images and words that align with your mindful journaling reflections. Maybe they are obvious actions, like exercising or a salad for healthy eating, or maybe they are just implied, and the thing that calls you is the color or the feeling of said image, cut it and save it on the side. Glance through the magazine and cut out titles or letters to make up your text.

You can also print out any text from your computer, with the font and size you want. In my case I printed my word and the definition to add to my layout.


Watch the full tutorial below!


Step 3: Plan your layout

how to make a collage vision board

Experiment with different compositions on a separate page, before gluing. Arrange your chosen elements to create a layout that visually represents your goals. You can use a scrap paper to sketch and plan which colors best represent what you envision. I love to create thumbnail sketches so I can further visualize how it’s going to look.


Step 4: Paint your background

mixed media vision board collage tutorial

At this stage you are welcome to paint any background you want for your vision board. I’m using gouache with minimum water and the TPL Studio round brush #8. I suggest you choose a color palette you feel goes well with your words, or the mood you want to set for the year. I am choosing bright colors, because I want my year to be active and fun.


Step 5: Apply glue with intent

how to make a vision board

Start gluing down your chosen elements onto the journal pages. Be deliberate in your choices, ensuring a cohesive narrative that speaks to your aspirations.


Step 6: Infuse your personality

how to make a vision board

Enhance your collage with personal flair using pens, markers, or any other media. You can also add handwritten notes, quotes, or affirmations for that extra touch of personality. I love to add doodles or just scribbles on top of the images.


Step 7 (optional, but not quite): Reflect and set goals

how to make a vision board

It is so important to achieve your goals, to reflect on the completed collage. Consider the emotions it evokes and use this reflection to set actionable goals. Write these goals on a dedicated page in your journal for a tangible roadmap.

Congratulations on creating your personalized collage vision board! This artistic endeavour blends mindful journaling, goal setting, and creative expression to inspire and guide you on your path to a purposeful future. Keep your journal close, revisit your vision board regularly, and let it be a constant source of motivation for the awesome year ahead.


Doriana loves Korean dramas and shows, and will tell you anything you missed about Boys Planet, and why Yoon Jong-Woo should have definitely be part of ZB1.

Connect with Doriana on Instagram 🎨 and check more of her tutorials here.

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