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Do you think about all that Procreate can do but feel overwhelmed on where to start or how to discover all of its tricks? I gotchu.

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As with any sophisticated software for artists, Procreate leaves much to be discovered. We use and will continue to use software for years without ever realizing it's full potential, not to mention all the shortcuts we discover much later and wish we'd known.

It's my absolute pleasure to bring you this 3-day course on everything Procreate that you didn't even realize you wanted to know!

Over 3 days, I'll provide you with the tools you need to know within Procreate so you can create a better workflow, optimize your potential within the program, and most of all, enjoy the discovery.

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Here's what we'll cover:

procreate interface tutorial

Day 1: Interface

👉 Learn shortcuts and gestures to speed up your workflow

👉 Discover the tricks about Procreate that otherwise take a long time to stumble upon

👉 Equip your quick menu + customized settings

must know procreate tips

Day 2: Layers & blend modes

👉 Learn why and how working in layers will help your workflow

👉 Demystify all things masking and how it will ensure you work indestructibly

Day 3: All things brushes

👉 Jump into brush adjustments to render the exact results you desire

👉 Get my favorite custom brushes FREE!

👉 Discover brush hacks that will increase productivity

free procreate brushes


Bonus downloads

  • brush pack of my custom go-to Procreate brushes that I use in my own digital work
  • full guide of 70 Procreate gestures
  • complete guide on all things Procreate brushes
  • blend modes cheat sheet

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