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There's an art to art.

Here at The Pigeon Letters, we believe in passion above anything else. When someone has passion and drive, they should always have the chance to discover their potential through exploration of creative resources.

It has become a mission of mine to provide accessible and affordable tools for hobbyists, creators, entrepreneurs, and more.

There are a few things I can promise you:

I will consistently provide new resources for you. 
There is a place for you in the creative world and your story matters. With practice, you will always make progress.


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About Peggy

I am the best-selling author of The Ultimate Brush Lettering GuideBotanical Line Drawing and Peggy Dean’s Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor. I am a nationally recognized freelance artist, with worldwide publications as a platform artist. 

As a self-taught artist born into creativity through a struggle with mental health, I promote embracing imperfections and living out loud. I have a soft spot for ensuring that anyone with a passion feels empowered to be able to create.

In addition to mental health, I’m also extremely passionate about giving back. There are so many beings without voices so I’ve made it a mission of mine to incorporate my deeply-rooted love of animals into my bottom line. I live and work in Portland, Oregon and travel the world for speaking engagements and hands-on workshops.

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Parks Project
Leave No Trace
American Greetings




giving back

The Pigeon Letters is committed to protecting, preserving and restoring wildlife and habitats, ending the fur trade and most of all, speaking up for those without a voice. 

 It's not common knowledge that a lot of art supplies are created with animals.  To learn more about this (and I mean A LOT more), click here.

We also believe it's incredibly important to our mental health to dabble in our creative sides often. It's a fully mindful, yet mindless activity. What does that mean? Setting aside the busy chaos inside our heads that distract us from being present is a difficult practice, but when we use that time to submerge into art, we are allowing ourselves to connect with a different part of ourselves, filling us with a sense of connection and pride.

Giving back is an essential part of our business practices. It's a standard we consider to be a no-brainer. We believe that if we can make one positive impact a day, just one, that we've succeeded. Your continued support makes it possible to give back by contributing to nonprofits all over the globe who are working to better our earth. The Pigeon Letters passes on a portion of every sale to nonprofits working to save wildlife and rehabilitate injured and abandoned animals. Each month, a different organization is chosen. We're proud to say that together, we've provided support for so many wonderful organizations.

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The Pigeon Letters art supplies are focused exclusively on offering the highest professional-grade 100% pure synthetic paintbrushes.