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Learn to Letter in 3D

Learn to Letter in 3D

Lettering has been taking the art world by storm for many years. There are lots of different variations of lettering techniques out there but what can you do to REALLY stand out?

I’m so happy to be here sharing my love for lettering with you guys.  I’m Sarah from Sarah Style Designs. I love calligraphy, watercolor, inks, and really just trying out different products in unconventional ways. I found a technique that I truly love and really what put me on the map.

So what are we doing today you ask?

3D lettering!! I’m going to share with you the technique that I use.

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  • An oil based paint pen (can be any color of your choice)
  • A brush pen (if you want to do the ombré technique you will need 2 colors) 
  • Watercolor paper


Step 1:   Write your word with your paint pen


Step 2:  Wait for it to FULLY dry (this can be the hardest part! I’m super impatient!!)


Step 3: Add your shadows

Small shadow lesson – you want to pick a direction from which the “sun” or light source is coming from.  Imagine the light source is being cast on the letters (which areas would be shaded).


Step 4: Pick an area where you want to start the ombre look

Do you want it to be in one continuous line?  Do you want it to be scattered?  It’s your call, it’s your work!  Once you can visualize that in your head, then start adding the first color to the tops of the first two letters (if you work slowly I would only work one letter at a time).

If you decide you want your ombré to transition in the same place through each letter make sure you don’t start too high on the taller letters.  As you can see, if you start too high, there won’t be any ombre effect present in the shorter letters. 

Looking for a brush pen? This one's a true gem for lettering AND shadows in one!

Step 5: If you choose to do ombré colored shadows, work one to two letters at a time

This way the color will not dry up on the paper and it will allow you to blend seamlessly. 


Step 6: Use the second color and start pulling some of the first color down

This will give you that nice transition between colors.


Step 7: Continue blending working your way all the way down the letter


Step 8: Continue working through each letter

Ta-Da! You have made a 3D lettered piece!


It’s that easy to create a 3D lettered piece.  The most important part is to be consistent with where you place your shadows.  I ALWAYS place mine to the right and underneath the letter.  The consistency is what will really make your letters look like they are popping.  If you want to see this 3D style in action make sure you check out my Instagram page or watch me letter on YouTube.


I started getting into art about three years ago, right after I had my daughter.  I really needed something just for me.  I totally found my calling and now I don’t know how I ever lived without art. Follow my journey on Instagram: @sarahstyledesigns

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