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Best Print on Demand Art Prints

Best Print on Demand Art Prints

I get asked about the best print on demand services for artwork allll the time. When I last did a comparison of the most common print on demand sites, Finerworks ended up being my favorite by far. So this time, I decided to blind-ship the artwork to myself to see what the quality looks like as well how the package arrives. Let's unbox together!



What I like right away is that the package came as a reinforced flat mailer. This helps keep the prints safe and protected! This time, I ordered several pieces and they are all really colorful because I wanted to see how the colors would translate and what the look of the final print would be. It's so easy for color to get lost in the printing process, and I know it's such an important aspect for most of you.

The prints come taped down which helps prevent them from moving around and I soo appreciate that (why have I not thought of that before?). I ordered a few sizes, but these cute 8x10 prints come in a single sleeve - less plastic!

And we're off to a great start because the colors on this first print look amazing, just as I would have hoped (in case you're wondering - the cloud is supposed to be like that). I also wanted to test out a cream background to see how it would print, and I'm actually quite surprised by the results.

How to print digital artwork on fine paper

The color is just a touch different from a solid white, and you can see that it's printed our nice and evenly throughout the entire piece. There are tons of paper options, but I went for a giclee archival matte borderless option in case you wanted to get the same look. 

Some of the artwork I chose to print was done fully digitally in Procreate and the brushstrokes are captured so well! 

Print artwork from Procreate

Another piece I tested was created in gouache and digitized later, but all the unique, cute details show up just as well.

Best print on demand service

As you can see, I've tried out a variety of colors to make sure they all show up the way I want them to, and with the paper quality being so nice, I am happy to report that I will officially be switching over my print on demand artwork to Finerworks so that you can enjoy these beautiful prints, too.

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