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DIY Gift Tag Branches

DIY Gift Tag Branches

Happy December everybody! We are officially in the cozy season, who else is as excited as I am?! One of my favorite parts of this season is definitely gifting. I always like to add a little personal touch to the gifts I give, and gift tags are the perfect opportunity to do that. So, in honor of December, I'm going over four different ways to make DIY gift tags using things you have at home and natural materials like branches!

The cost of gift tags can really add up when you're buying for several people. These four gift tags will cost close to nothing as they include things you have around the house, and things you can find outside. RUN, don't walk outside and grab any and all branches, leaves, or flowers. 

How to make gift tags

If you're looking to add something extra to your writing, try my Skillshare class on modern calligraphy or brush lettering basics and pick up some pens from my shop!



Double Hole Punch Gift Tag 

Make DIY gift tags

Grab any fabric (you could even cut up an old white t-shirt!) you have around the house and write the name of your gift recipient on it. 

Modern calligraphy (shown above) is super easy to pick up, especially if you're just looking to create a simple design. I highly recommend checking out my class for modern calligraphy if you're feeling lost on it! This link will also give you one month free on Skillshare which is more than enough time needed to complete my class!

How to make DIY gift tags

Hole punch two holes on either side of the fabric. If you don't have a hole puncher and don't want to buy one, you could also use a knife to cut slits out. You just need them to be large enough to fit your branch through! 

DIY gift tag tutorial

Grab your branch and loop the top through your left hole (or slit) and the end of the branch through the right hole punch. If you find that your branch is sticking up in the middle and not allowing the gift tag to lay completely flat, don't freak out! Try pulling any rogue branch pieces out of the hole until the tag lays flatter. 

How to make gift tags

How adorable is this gift tag?! And seriously, so freaking easy.


Single Hole Punch Gift Tag 

Make DIY gift tags tutorial

This method is even easier than the previous, it's the best option when you're in a time crunch. Holy punch one whole on either side of your gift tag fabric. 

DIY gift tag tutorial

Simply tug the branch into the hole and lay it on top of your gift box! Super easy method if you have really limited branches or fabric to use. 


DIY Wreath Gift Tag

Holiday gift tags tutorial

If you find a lot of long leafy branches, the wreath gift tag is a great DIY project. Start by forming it into a circle. If you have a super long branch, try doubling up on the wrap so it looks super full! After you've wrapped the branch, tuck it under the others so it holds the circle shape. If you can't get your circle to hold, grab a little bit of string and tie the circle closed.

DIY gift tags for Christmas

If your wreath is looking a little cray, grab some scissors and trim down the pieces of the branch that can't be tamed. I heavily relate to this wreath!

Make DIY gift tags

Lastly, tie a cute little bow around the bottom or top of your wreath. You can also attach your cloth gift tag to it! Use any twine or ribbon for the bow.


Modern Calligraphy Leaf Gift Tag

Gift tag tutorial

If all you have is leaves, don't worry, I've got you covered! Grab a cute leaf and a metallic marker, or whatever you have around, a sharpie would also be great! Do a little modern calligraphy on that bad boy and called it a day. 

Make your own gift tags

This method works best if you tuck the leaf under the twine or ribbon on the gift. Add a little extra flair by throwing on another branch or leaf along with it. Soooo cute, I can't even guys. 

Adding something more personalized to a gift is the perfect way to make your loved ones feel special during this season. All of these methods are super simple and only require what you have laying around your house and/or yard! I hope this tutorial helped you bring a little more sparkle to your gifts for the holiday season.

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