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Ecoline Brush Pen Swatches AND Review

Ecoline Brush Pen Swatches AND Review

Who wants a good ole swatch video?! ME. I do. So here we are! Literally always, any time. Today we're swatching colors of Ecoline Brush Pens.

These brush pens are a nice medium felt tip. What's great about these is that they're suuuuper, super juicy (emphasis on juicy). I absolutely love this about them because it means they're going to produce a good amount of ink and last a long time. There's nothing worst than running out of ink or ink getting sparse on the upstrokes when you're lettering.

You really can use these brush pens for anything, but I mostly use them for hand lettering, modern calligraphy, and all that jazz. These colors are not a particular pack, they're just what I have laying around. So don't ask me about what pack I got. I have no idea. Stop it. I'M DOING MY BEST.

For those of us who are much more visual, scroll to the bottom to watch the video version of this swatch magic!



Ecoline marker swatches



Yellows, Oranges & Ochres 

Ecoline marker review

201 Light Yellow

You can instantly see how loaded these brush pens are with ink! The glisten is one of my FAVORITE parts of these brush pens, the color really pops off the paper.


Swatch Ecoline markers

201 Light Yellow, 202 Deep Yellow, 227 Yellow Ochre 

You all know how much deep love I feel for yellow ochre, and the Ecoline Brush Pens did NOT come to play around. This yellow ochre is serving me all the bronzey yellow goodness!


Marker swatch test

The Ecoline brush pens come with a blender brush which uses clear ink. You can use this to push the color around to blend the separation of two colors together.

Pro Tip: To avoid having the paper pill up from too much moisture, use thick paper, mix media paper at the very least, to reduce that problem!


Ecoline brush pen swatches

201 Light Yellow, 202 Deep Yellow, 227 Yellow Ochre, 407 Deep Ochre, 236 Light Orange

Deep Ochre is more of a reddish brown tint which is also a true delight. The gorgeous light orange is more of a true deep orange in my opinion. 


Shades of Red 

Ecoline brush pen swatches and review

311 Vermilion, 411 Burnt Sienna  

Random fact that you totally don't need to know: I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever spelled vermilion correctly. Not a big shocker, but here we are in celebration mode: I spelled it right this time, y'all!  


Review ecoline brush pens

311 Vermilion, 411 Burnt Sienna, 318 Carmine, 337 Magenta, 548 Blue Violet  

Pro tip: When you do large pieces with thicker, juicier brush pens, it's easy to keep going with that thick pressure and accidentally forget to really lift up on our upstrokes. Be mindful of that and it'll keep you honest for keeping those delicate, thin upstrokes!


All Kinds of Blues

Ecoline brush pen swatches

Ultramarine Violet, 522 Turquoise Blue, 578 Sky Blue, 508 Prussian Blue

I don't 100% agree with the name choices for these blues, but they're still SO gorgeous. My favorite of the four has to be the deep Prussian Blue. Cuz c'mon. It's Prussian Blue.


Greeeeeens (& Black)


Brush pen marker swatch

 233 Chartreuse, 601 Light Green, 600 Green, 656 Forest Green, and Black 700

Chartreuse is another word that I ALWAYS spell wrong, but NOT today. Don't you think is should have two ss?? Like chartreusse? Whatever. Also, I'm just in so much love with the color Chartreuse. In every outlet ever, this will be one of my favorites.


Aaaaaand here they are in all of their glory!


Ecoline brush pen swatches


Swatch and review ecoline brush pens


Get familiar as possible with these colors so you can pick some colors that fit into your world! I know I'm someone who always looks up swatches before I buy a product, so I'm just happy to pass on some swatches of my own for you guys! I definitely love all of these colors and really appreciate the juiciness that these brush pens bring. 10/10 would recommend!




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