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5 Reasons You Should Use Flodesk for Email Marketing

5 Reasons You Should Use Flodesk for Email Marketing

What email provider is the best? What email platform is the cheapest? What email service has good deliverability rates? There are sooo SO many email providers and it can be difficult to figure out which one to go with. It's even MORE difficult if you're just beginning to jump into email marketing. Because of that, I'm going to give you some touch points on why Flodesk is my favorite, by far.
I first want to mention that the larger your email list grows, the higher price you pay. I nearly broke the $200/month mark using ConvertKit before I made a switch.
For that reason, I’m super excited to dive into Flodesk with you guys. What I will say right off the bat is that I have 75,000 email subscribers and pay $19/month. I’ll repeat that.

75,000 subscribers… $19 a month 

And no. It’s not a trial price. Lemme break down Flodesk’s pricing real quick. 
It’s $38/month unless you use an affiliate’s code, which then makes it $19/month. So if a handful of you use the link that I’m shamelessly sharing right now, I’ll receive $19 for each signup (thanks friend) AND you get Flodesk for FREE for a month with no commitments and if you continue, it'll be $19/month for your first year no matter how many subscribers you have.
HOW DO THEY DO THIS?! That’s not a question I can answer. What I know is this: omg Flodesk take my money because you’re giving me so much money back. At my current subscriber rate, that’s saving me over $6k a year. Let’s jump into the overview so you can see what this looks like on the back end.

1. Flodesk has beautiful email templates



Flodesk's template library is AMAZING because they have gorgeous options depending on what kind of email you're sending. Flodesk will ask what the goal of your email is and from there you can choose a template depending on the goal. This is one of the all-time best parts about Flodesk because, not only are their templates gorgeous, but they are SO easy to use and customizable! 

You can also find these templates in the email editor as well under "layouts", so if you're like me and suck at making decisions, you don't have to decide on a template immediately!  Yas. 


2. Flodesk has super personalized options to use



Flodesk does a great job of making sure you can personalize your emails to your brand! Personalization is one of the biggest reasons I shout Flodesk from the rooftops. From the buttons and the unsubscribe option, all the way to the spacer shape. Flodesk really gives you the basics of an email and lets you run WILD with personalization! As a creative, this is something I appreciate so hard because you want your emails to be a reflection of you. Could it get any better? The answer is yes, KEEP READING!


3. Flodesk subscriber segments



I love the segment feature of Flodesk because it not only makes my life easier, but also my subscribers. For example, if an email I'm sending out isn't relevant to people who are only interested in one type of email for me, let's say Procreate, I have the option to exclude that "segment" of people. Win, win for everyone guys! Whether you have a huge email list or just an itty bitty one, this feature is going to let you personalize who gets what email! 

I use this feature A LOT so I know how much it's a lifesaver.


4. Flodesk has all the opt in forms



On the top menu bar on Flodesk, there's an option to create "forms." You can have forms that are embedded into your personal sites and you can even have stand-alone landing pages if you don't have a website already. So not only can I use Flodesk to send out emails, but I can also use it for opt-in programs from a webpage! 

I also use forms for embedded codes, like banners for my emails or site. 


5. Flodesk workflows without the guess work



Workflows is where MONEY happens! When someone subscribes to a form, you can set up what actions they'll be sent through next. 

Example: If you subscribe to my freebies, you'll receive an email for access to over 100 goodies right away. But it doesn't have to stop there! I can set up a workflow that will let me add you to another segment of interest or wait a certain amount of time and send another email, etc. 

I love Flodesk because it's super easy to use and can be personalized SO much. Personalization is so important because you want your emails to be a reflection of who YOU are. The value and eye candy that Flodesk offers really makes it truly unlike any other email marketing platform! I hope you develop an obsessional love for Flodesk as well so we can be flodesk friends, k?

If you're like I NEED THIS, click this link to receive one month FREE and a forever rate of only $19/ month. No matter what your email list size is, you'll forever only pay the tiny rate of $19/month!


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