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Paint a Darling Floral Bouquet Inside an Ink Jar

Paint a Darling Floral Bouquet Inside an Ink Jar

You know those days when you wake up and just for once would love to see a little jar of flowers blooming on your desk? A little jar nestled right next to your pet fish and the headshot of your fur baby that your mum developed for you? (we all have one, no shame here)

 Well, I’m about to make your little jar of blooms dream come true. 

I’m Simela, otherwise known as @pizzlepaints and im serial-daydreamer and lover of all things creative. I’m bursting out of my Pizzle seams to teach you this project and I cannot wait to see what you create. 

In 4 simple steps, you will have a little jar of pure joy ready to frame or make into a card orrrr to blow up and make into wallpaper - the possibilities are endless. Here goes!


Material List:

All you will need is… 

I’ll be using Khadi paper - A5 size


Step 1: Sketch the vase

Vases come in all shapes and sizes and despite how you pronounce it (Vase or Vaze - you know what I mean) it’s home to those precious blooms that light up the room. 

Outline a rough sketch with led and in 3 steps you’ve got yourself a cute lil’ vase. 

Once happy, outline the shape in black liner to make it pop!

You can manipulate the shape of the vase however you like! Here’s some options...

Step 2: Paint the flowers

Let’s start off with a flat poppy. 

  1. Outline the shape with pigmented paint using the tip of your brush. 
  2. Bleed out the shape with water from the center (If you don’t like to boldness, dap it out with some paper towel) 
  3. Let it dry fully!
  4. Add the dots (Stigma)

Next flower…with paint at the tip of your brush, create obscure shaped dots and lots of them.

Think lavender or fields of flowers for this one. 

Step 3: Add some ba-bush! (stems, leaves and sticks)

Using the tip of your brush, create thin stems and connect the dots. Don’t be too pedantic about this - imperfections are welcome!

Add some leaves to your stems by using the body of your brush. Fill the tip of your brush with paint and press down.


Last of all, sticks! The best fillers, ever. 

Create a track of water then add specs of paint within the track. During the drying process, the sticks really comes to life. 

Step 4: Water & shadow to finish… 

Now, get a tiny bit of blue on the tip of your brush and with some water the back it up, bleed out the ends of the stems dangling in the vase. It looks cool!

An optional shadow using some of the muddy water.


Annnd you’re done. 

No more daydreaming about those blooms on your desk. You’ve got them anytime you want and in any style/colour you choose.

I’m so grateful that you took the time to follow along and I really hope you share your projects with me soon. Keep in touch through instagram by following @pizzlepaint where you’ll see a whole lot of my Pizzle head and chunky-af hands around the place. 

Love always - 

Pizzle - Simela 

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