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Happy Planner x The Pigeon Letters PRIDE Capsule Collection

Happy Planner x The Pigeon Letters PRIDE Capsule Collection

I'm so excited to write this--I have my very own capsule collection with Happy Planner, celebrating PRIDE! 🌈🦄

Wanna see me unbox eeeverything and beam with joy?

This collection means so much to me, especially with it being released during PRIDE month. It's a celebration of being your true self, appreciating our differences while also embracing the connection we have to each other. 

That's what PRIDE is all about to me and all the artwork featured within this gorgeous capsule collection captures the sentiment perfectly. 

Wanna know what's in the collection?

  • The 2023 Happy Planner is probably the one you've most expected to see on this list. This adorable planner will be your companion through the next 12 months, helping you stay organized.

    The vertical layout includes 3 daily boxed spaces that can be divided into morning, afternoon, and evening, or between work, school, and personal activities. Categorize it to fit your needs! This layout is also a favorite for sticker lovers (and there's a lotttt of stickers in this capsule collection).

pride happy planner

  • Love is Love Guided Journal is for those of you that want to journal with a little bit of help. Use it as a self-care practice to help you create the life of your dreams. This is definitely my fav of the whole collection.

    Includes 4 dividers with motivational quotes to categorize or section off your pages. With 80 pages of prompts and sections to create a watchlist and record your favorite audio tracks, this journal is a great way to keep track of your days.

happy planner pride peggy dean

  • The *mini* Happy Planner is just a wee version of the bigger one! Use it to document your daily to-dos, plans and daydreams.

    The dotted lined pages are perfect for writing, planning, and goal-setting. The mini planner also features rainbow wave designs at the margins (how cute?!), and 3 printed dividers that can be categorized to your preference.

And as if all of this was not cute enough, in honor and celebration of Pride, Happy Planner has made a donation to The Trevor Project, the leading suicide prevention and mental health organization for LGBTQ young people. The Trevor Project’s mission is to end suicide among LGBTQ young people. To learn more about their life-saving mission, please visit

I hope you love this collection as much as I loved creating it. It would bring me an insane amount of joy to see your using your planners, journals, stickers and everything else - tag me (@thepigeonletters) will ya? ❤️




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