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Batch Working Will Fast Track Your Online Course Creation

Batch Working Will Fast Track Your Online Course Creation

Online courses take a lot of time and energy to make. If you have other commitments and responsibilities, your course creation can easily fall behind. Batch working can be a valuable tool for getting the most out of your free time. By grouping similar tasks and putting all of your energy toward them for a specified length of time, you can get a lot more accomplished and get back on track to launch your online course. 


What is Batch Working?

Batch working is when you take similar tasks, group them, and complete them all at once. For example, if you create all of your social media content in one sitting, that’s batch working. Same thing for going and scheduling it all in one sitting. You can group tasks in a few different ways, some might include:

  • Task Type – Group tasks by design, social media, photography, writing, email responses, etc. 

  • Location – Group tasks by website or platform 



Why Batch Working WORKS

Batch working helps you get into the flow by staying focused on one specific area. If you have limited time to dedicate to something, focusing all of your energy on similar tasks will help you stay focused and accomplish more.

By not bouncing around to tasks, you reduce the amount of time it takes to switch both mentally and physically. For example, if you do all of your photography in one day, you already have your lighting setup, camera presets, and backgrounds all ready to go. You’ll only need to upload your photos once, and you’re set to batch work the editing process. 


Batch Working Your Course Content


So how can you batch work your course content to help you streamline the process? There are a few things you’ll want to consider. 


How much time do you have?

Specific tasks work well within a small timeframe, while others will need a lot more time commitment. Determine how much time you are willing to spend on batch work before deciding on a task. 

How much energy do you have to give?

Different tasks require different energy levels. If you have time to dedicate but aren’t feeling very energized, pick a task that isn’t super draining. On low-energy days, you’ll want to avoid anything outward-facing like video or scripts. 



How to batch create content



The following are some items you can batch work for your online course to make the process faster:

  1. Designing backgrounds

  2. Writing scripts

  3. Outlining sections and curriculum

  4. Uploading videos & photos

  5. Organizing content 

  6. Writing email for the launch

  7. Designing promotional materials and content

  8. Proofreading

  9. Writing course content (break it up into sections)


Starting Your Batch Work

Once you’ve established what you can batch work, it’s time to get started. Before jumping in, go through your calendar and schedule specific times to do your batch work. For the best results, schedule at least one hour of work on a single batch. I go a step further and dedicate a full day to filming. So every Thursday, I’m blocked off to show up on camera. If I don’t have content to film that day, it’s free to work on other busy work. 

PRO TIP: Do not exceed three hours for any scheduled work without scheduling a break for yourself. You MUST take breaks while you do your batch work. Hunkering down and completing a lot of tasks at once can be very draining, and you don’t want to burn yourself out. 

Another PRO TIP: Make sure to remove any distractions before starting your work. There are various apps and extensions that you can use to keep you from straying from your tasks. Or, just set your phone in another room for a bit and turn on “do not disturb.” 


How to bulk create content


Batch working is an excellent strategy for accomplishing a lot of tasks in a short amount of time. If you work a full-time job or have other responsibilities that seem to get in the way of your course creation, working in batches can help move your project forward. It’s a great way to get the most out of your time and makes tasks feel a lot more manageable. 


For more tips on course creation, make sure to check out my private FB group on course creation secrets and strategies!  

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