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Watercolor Mother's Day Card Tutorial

Watercolor Mother's Day Card Tutorial

Hi everyone! If there’s a special mom in your life who would appreciate some flowers, this DIY card is literally bursting with an explosion of vibrant, hand-painted blossoms and leaves. You can really make this card for anyone that's special in your life, or someone you consider a motherly figure! It's a great way to make someone in your life feel extra special.

You can follow the instructions below to paint your own unique flowers, or print the included PDF of flower and leaf motifs and skip ahead to Step 4 to jump right into the assembly!

I'm Carrie Alyson and I'm stoked to share this lovely little tutorial with you all today. I can't wait to see what you create! 



How to make a pop out card



Step 1: Practice Painting a Variety of Leaf Shapes

How to paint watercolor flowers


Mix Cobalt Teal and Green Gold watercolor on your palette with enough water to give it a milky consistency. With a saturated—but not dripping—brush, paint an upward stroke, starting with low pressure to create a thin point, then pressing down to create the fullness of the leaf, decreasing pressure to create another point. 

How to make a postcard

Experiment with varying pressures and lengths of brush strokes to create a variety of leaves.


How to paint flowers

(For an in-depth tutorial on painting leaves, I’ll kindly direct you to Peggy’s expertise).


Want to learn botanical line drawing? I gotchu.

Step 2: Combine the Leaves into Motifs

How to paint flowers with watercolors


Using the same techniques you practiced above, you can combine multiple leaves into lush branches.


How to paint a floral postcard


Start with a curving stem and single leaf, adding additional leaves along the stem, staggering placement and angles. Imperfect, flowing, and organic is the goal! Fill a couple of sheets of paper with beautiful leaf motifs in a variety of shapes.


How to paint a mother's day postcard


Don’t worry too much about composition, but leave enough space around each motif to cut them out.

Step 3: Paint the Flowers

How to paint simple flowers


Start by drawing the pistils and stamen in waterproof ink. Using a well saturated #10 brush, paint organic blobs of Quinacridone Magenta around the center. While the Quin Magenta is still wet, paint the center in Quinacridone Gold, letting the colors bleed and flow together freely.

After the paint has dried, pick up the fine liner again and draw five curved spokes coming out from the center of the flower. Next, outline the shape of the petals. Stay loose and organic, don’t worry about trying to trace the watercolor shapes exactly. Fill in the petals with additional lines to suggest detail and form.

Paint a few pages of vibrant anemones—to create the card as shown in my example, you’ll need 8 good-sized blossoms.


Nature and watercolor are just meant to be. Learn how to use them in Peggy's drawing guide.

Step 4: Assemble the Pop-Up

Make a DIY postcard


Cut a sheet of watercolor paper or sturdy cardstock to 8x12” and fold in half to create an 8x6” card. Print the spiral template on heavy paper and cut it out along the dotted lines. 

Place the spiral inside the folded card as shown, with tab A near the bottom center. Apply glue to the underside of tab A, and press firmly to the card.  

Then, apply glue to the top of tab B, fold the card closed, and press to adhere. If you’re messy like me, carefully open the card and loosen any other part of the spiral that may have stuck to the card or itself before the glue dries, then fold it back up to dry.


Step 5: Decorate the front of the Card

How to make a postcard


Choose your favorite flowers and leaves from the pages that you painted and cut them out. 


Create your own postcard


Using a flower blossom and an assortment of leaves, glue an arrangement onto the front of the card, leaving room for the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day”. You can glue on the template included in the PDF, or add your own beautiful lettering.


Step 6: Build the Bursting Bouquet!

How to make a mother's day postcard



Painting a floral postcard



Make a floral DIY postcard


Here are a few guidelines for placing the flowers and leaves on the spiral and then I’ll let you run free to play:

  • Before gluing anything down, check to make sure your card will close without any petals or leaves getting caught in the fold. 

  • Before gluing anything down, check if any pieces are extending past the edges of the card, especially if you plan to fit the card into an envelope.

  • I recommend trying to cover up most of the paper spiral with flowers and leaves if you wish to disguise the pop-up mechanism.

  • If you run out of flowers or leaves, paint (or print) more! 

Don’t forget to sign the inside! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I’d love to see what you create! Be sure to tag me @aspenhearted!

<3 Carrie



A lifelong artist, I started my career as a freelance illustrator before shifting roles to in-house graphic designer for a major travel guide publisher and a feminist press. I make my living as a graphic designer and illustrator for a preeminent leadership development organization for girls.

I love to paint in my free time, but when I’m not creating art, I like to get outdoors to find inspiration for new work. I love hiking and camping with my girlfriend, playing board games, reading tarot, and debunking my own mysticism. We live in a cute little house in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a cute little black cat named River.

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