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Original 12 Pentel Brush Pen Swatches + Review

Original 12 Pentel Brush Pen Swatches + Review

Excuse me while I fill your time with all the brush pen swatches, because I know that's what the people want! Honestly, this Pentel Brush Pen swatches for their original colors is long overdue! I love the classic colors of these brush pens so I just wanted to share what they look like on paper with you guys. I went ahead and listed four things I love about these pens and included some of my favorite colors with WHY I find them so jaw-dropping.

Buckle up, we're going on this swatching journey together and we're going to have way too much fun doing it! Scroll down to watch the swatch video in action! 


Swatch Pentel pens



1. Pen Tip Shape

Pen swatches

One of the reasons I'm a huge fan of the Pentel Brush Pens is because the pen tip shape allows you to create very wispy lines, as well as thicker lines. For that reason, this pen is SO amazing for hand lettering! 

Depending on how much pressure you apply, your lines can come out thick OR thin (or both!), all with the same brush stroke. Feed two birds with one seed (the anti-animal cruelty way of saying, "two birds, one stone", priorities people!). 


2. Ochre Yellow

Colorful pen swatches

One of my two favorites from the Pentel Brush Pens is DEFINITELY the Ochre Yellow. I mean swooooooon. I'm seeing this ochre yellow in my dreams, guys. Sometimes it's hard to find a brush pen that nails the ochre yellow, but Pentel did NOT disappoint on this one! 


3. Juicy, Juicy Pens 

Swatch pens for faux calligraphy

All of you know how passionate I am about the longevity of brush pens, and I can confirm that these pens are FULL of ink. They're super juicy when being used, and haven't shown hardly any signs of fading. This is an aspect of brush pens that I find so, so important because there's nothing worst than having your ink flow less than desirable. 

Pen swatching

Because the pens are so juicy, they're also very vibrant in color! These colors pop so much on paper, and I'm here for it. There's nothing better than a vibrant brush pen to add that extra POP to whatever you're working on.


4. Authentic Black

Swatch pens with me

Finding a true black brush pen is NO easy feat, guys. Trust me, I've tried so many blacks with various brush pens, and they usually let me down. This isn't the case for the Pentel Brush Pens! The black brush pen is a true, deep black! 

How to swatch pens


 Who doesn't love a swatch? Hopefully this swatch review has convinced you that you need these brush pens in your life (nope they sure aren't paying me to say that)! Pentel is really showing off with these vibrant and juicy brush pens. Brb feeling inspired to use all of these colors in one lettering project.





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