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How to Make Scroll Place Cards

How to Make Scroll Place Cards

Today I’m teaching you how to make scroll lettering place cards! They're perfect for weddings, events, or even little dinner parties! They are super easy to make and add a great amount of personal touch to make your guests feel really special.

Hi there everyone! Nikki Hess from Lavender and Sea here! As someone who works in the wedding industry, I'm ALWAYS inspired by this beautiful industry. From flowers to color palettes and venues, there's so much to draw inspiration from! With that being said, today we're going to be creating something that'll be perfect for all kinds of events, whether it be a wedding or a dinner party. Follow along below!




Step 1: Outline Paper


Outlining your paper before writing your names is a great way to make sure all of your scrolls are the same size! I like to have my scrolls be at a width of about 2cm. Depending on if you write small or large, feel free to adjust to your preference! 

I would keep them as skinny as possible because they'll take on more of the scroll look.


Step 2: Hand Letter Names



Snag your pen holder, nib and ink to start lettering your names! Make sure to create your names within the 2 cm space to avoid tearing away the paper. Wait for your names to dry before trying to roll the scrolls! You don't want ANY smearing.

Pro tip: If you don't want to use calligraphy, you can write normally as well! Whatever floats your boat! 


Step 3: Tear Scrolls



Start by erasing the pencil lines directly under the names (just the middle, you might still need some lines to guide you when tearing). This will ensure that you don't end ip with pencil lines on your scroll!

Once the names are dry, take a ruler and press it down on the line dividing the two names. Then, rip your paper in an upward motion against the ruler. 



Step 4: Roll Scrolls



Take something small (I typically use the end of my size 0 or 1 watercolor brush) and roll the two ends of the scroll up. This is our last step to creating our fancy scroll place cards! These place cards will surely add all the fancy feelings to any of your events. Guests feeling extra special for your event is GUARANTEED!

I hope you guys loved this tutorial as much as I loved making it! Tag me in all of your scrolly place cards, I can't wait to see!





Hi there! My name is Nikki Hess and I'm the owner of Lavender and Sea. I'm an artist who specializes in Calligraphy and Watercolor but I love just about anything having to do with arts and crafts! I currently work with weddings and events where I create stationery and day-of details for someone's special day. I live in sunny San Diego with my hubby and our little Corgi pup... Beignet! Follow all of our adventures on my Instagram!

I also LOVE to teach, so you can find lots of me on Skillshare and on Youtube


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