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Top 6 Mistakes When Learning Calligraphy

Top 6 Mistakes When Learning Calligraphy

If you're starting off - or wanting to start - in calligraphy, there are some mistakes I want to plant in your head to avoid at allll cost because it's going to save you so much time and make your learning curve so much easier.  


Mistake #1: My handwriting sucks

Top lettering mistakes

I hear a lot of people say that they cannot do calligraphy because their handwritten is worse than a chicken's. But here's the thing - when you're doing calligraphy, you are NOT writing. Gasp, shock - I KNOW! Cue the evidence:

How to do calligraphy


Mistake #2: Not using guides

Calligraphy tips for beginners

I'm not going to lie - this is a mistake I've made over and over again. When you start lettering your first quote, it's only natural for you to start messing up your spacing and lacking consistency in the size of your letters - all because you decided that guides are not for you. I will spare you the pain and tell you right now, you NEED guides. Use them. And then use them some more.


 Wanna listen to me talk instead?


Mistake #3: Not lifting your pen

Avoid calligraphy mistakes

When doing calligraphy, you don't want to create one-stroke words. Not lifting your pen will make you lose sight of what you're doing, your letters will look a lot more wonky and you'll end up forgetting allll of the fundamentals you've already learned!


Mistake #4: Using the wrong tools

Tools are critical when creating anything, and even more so in calligraphy. Using the wrong type of pen or the wrong size for the style of lettering you're trying to create will instantly make it look just noooot right at all.

How to do hand lettering


Mistake #5: 90 degree angles

Repeat after me - I solemnly swear not to hold my calligraphy pens straight upwards, at a 90 degree angle. You're welcome for all the brush pens I just saved you from ruining.

Hand lettering tips


Mistake #6: Avoiding using basic strokes

Basic calligraphy strokes

Don't run before you learn to walk. Basic strokes are super important for consistency and structure of your lettering.

Now that you're in the right mindset, are you ready to learn more and dive into the oh-so-important calligraphy structure? I CAN'T WAIT!

How to develop a lettering style



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