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Welcome to The Flock

A membership of mentorship, resources and community for artists of all stages


Within The Flock, you will find intentional education to not only support you, but push you to thrive. You will receive candid feedback, realistic advice and deep dives into the inner workings of building a successful creative business. 

  • You’re seeking direction in a saturated art world.  
  • You’re tired of sifting through Google and Pinterest and Instagram trying to find ways to grow your skills and you want your time back.
  • You want a safe space where you belong and feel supported amongst others who are eager to grow in the same direction.
  • You want honesty – RAW, REAL information… no more sponsored fluff.
  • You want guidance and constructive feedback that will give you a realistic game plan.
  • You need accountability! It’s hard to find the time and motivation sometimes.
  • You want real resources, real numbers, real everything!


I KNOW THE FEELING. Information on growing a creative business is NOT readily available. I've spent years learning through trial and error (a LOT of it) and I've come out ahead by building an intentional, sustainable, creative career that is deeply fulfilling and I want to help you do the same.

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What's been covered already?  What's content is coming up?

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The Flock Cooperative is a membership that is intentionally curated for the creative entrepreneur. It is intended to push creatives outside of their comfort zone to transform the growth process and offer support through an inclusive community, exclusive to members of The Flock. Fresh educational lessons are delivered each week, along with live chats and for connection and motivation.

250+ educational lessons and counting...

The Flock membership sets itself apart from
ypical memberships by offering you more for less.

This is a membership not only for creative resources, but it also takes you by the wing (couldn’t help it) to walk you through everything you need behind-the-scenes, including master lists of materials, information on pricing and finding clients, turning your passion into something bigger, embracing the ugly, building confidence, and more, more, more, more and more! 

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Hear from a few members...

creative membership for artists

Here's just some of what you'll find in The Flock...

the flock membership

Weekly Intentional Education

All trainings are aimed at providing information that you didn't even know you wanted or needed. Each segment is thoughtfully prepared based off of your questions, your requests, and your pain points.

the flock membership

Supporting Workbooks

Over half of The Flock content includes downloadable guides, worksheets, templates, and more to further hold you accountable and help guide you on this very personal journey.

the flock master sessions

Expert Master Sessions

Candid conversations with experts in the industry. Nothing is held back in these raw chats chock full of real world advice, tips, and motivation.

AND twice monthly LIVE CHATS

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What people are saying...

Isa Down Testimonial

Peggy opened so many doors for me.  She was able to give me actionable steps to take, and help me focus my goals to what was most important.  Being able to prioritize the steps that needed to be taken to accomplish all my creative ideas was priceless.  Peggy also so genuinely believes in the ability of other creatives, that it gave me a boost of confidence that creating a business from my artwork was actually possible. I am now an educator, sell my work through both commissions and licensing, teach workshops, and offer guidance to my own clients through my creativity coaching packages.  And I have much more in the works!  

- Isa Down | Artist & Educator

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Through Peggy's positive and uplifting messages, I have found more courage than I ever knew I had. I’ve launched two classes, finally daring to put myself in front of the camera, and I have my very first range of co-brand products. Every single one of those things has scared the life out of me, but I said “yes”.

Not only do I learn a huge amount of fun creative skills from Peggy's content, but she also provides inspiration and strength to follow dreams. I just really couldn’t be more thankful. As someone with a rather troubled start to adult life, struggled as a single Mum for years and hugely lacking in confidence, I couldn’t have imagined that this would be my life.

-Helen Colebrook | Author & Designer

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Listening to Peggy is like finding a member of my tribe. She encapsulates the creative journey is such a real and down to earth way. It’s refreshing to find a professional who thinks in the same multifaceted creative way that I do. It’s been an encouraging milestone on my entrepreneurial journey.

- Priscilla Cardwell | Freelance Designer





Did someone say bonuses?

You all know that I’m all about pouring out resources, almost to the point of oversharing.

Along my journey, I’ve had issues finding answers.
I knew that once I learned them, I needed to form a platform that they existed ALL IN ONE PLACE.

I have a TON to share and I can’t hold back. It’s not in my nature. So get ready for TOO much information (never a bad thing).

I’ll be throwing in bonuses here in there such as behind-the-scenes tours, setup, workflow, and plenty of guided step-by-steps. 

When I find something special like a product, book, podcast, blog, tutorial, etc. that will change your life, best believe you’re gonna be the first to know.

We’re gonna be digging deep in here. 


Enrollment is closed.

Get notified first when registration opens again.


I’m an internationally renowned artist, best-selling author, award-winning educator, and most of all, a gal who loves to create. 

I love helping both aspiring and accomplished artists smash their goals and exceed far beyond their potentials through online courses, digital content, 1-on-1 coaching, and forming a community where you truly belong. I’m a no-nonsense thinker and don’t have time for anything stuffy (yuck)!

I absolutely love sharing what I’ve learned throughout my career from my own experiences, trials and errors, fails and successes. And it would be an honor to be alongside you as you navigate your very own journey. I’m here to help you excel.