Creative Course Lab®

12 weeks of training, 6 months of coaching

Welcome to the most transformational, comprehensive framework for creating engaging, profitable online classes.

Throughout this 12-week program, you will learn how to...

Test & Prove
Your Course Idea

It all begins with an idea, but the question you’re faced with is whether or not your idea is a good one. What if I told you that you NEVER have to guess and that you can prove it’s profitable (before you even press record)?

Dismantle Fear
& Limiting Beliefs

Our confidence, or lack thereof, shows up clear as day in our videos. This program will walk you through the deeper reason you have these haunting thoughts so you can dismiss them and never second-guess your process again.

Create a Unique
Experience for Students

You can create the best course in the world according to all the expert advice. But it’s not how you build your class that has your students in mind. It’s what you do INSIDE of your course that creates engagement.

Produce a Beautiful Course Like the Pros

Regardless of your tech knowledge, your final course will be a work of art, professionally rendered and a joy to watch. Your videos will keep visual interest with multiple techniques, and your delivery will be top notch.

Learn Intentional
Visual Branding

Your visual branding says so much and you only have moments to attract your potential students. From your color palette to fonts to language used to the flow of your sale, your user experience is imperative from beginning to end.

Build an Effective
Marketing Plan

You can launch two ways. The first way is with your excitement. The second way is strategically so you can actually reach the people you want to reach. Your market doesn’t know how valuable your content is until you educate them BEFORE they enroll.

Maybe you're wondering... Is Creative Course Lab® right for me?

Creative Course Lab® is meant for ambitious and motivated creative entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their offers and stop making it up as they go.

This program is for those looking to establish a signature framework in order to scale to explosive student growth and retention by learning a highly implementable structure designed for 6-figure courses.

Peggy opened so many doors for me. Because of the actionable steps she provides, I was able to focus my goals and prioritize the steps that I needed to take. I am now an educator, creative coach, a published author, and run a thriving online artist community.
Isa Down

Through Peggy's framework, I was able to clearly identify my offer, prepare quality content that was packed with value, and restructure my marketing efforts.
In just one month, my signups increased by 1200%
Nikki Hess
Through Peggy's positive and uplifting messages, I have found more courage than I ever knew I had. I've launched courses and have my own range of co-branded products. Not only do I learn a huge amount from Peggy, but she also provides inspiration and strength to follow dreams. I just really couldn't be more thankful. As someone with a rather troubled start, I couldn't have imagined that this would be my life.
Helen Colebrook

Here's just a handful of what's inside Creative Course Lab®

Premiere Education

Taught by Peggy Dean, an award-winning educator, best-selling author, and world-renowned artist featured in the Wall Street Journal & The Today Show.

Monthly Coaching

Tailored for direct attention and focus on exactly what you’re working on and the specific steps needed to take for the next stage.

Proprietary Framework

Not only is Peggy's framework proven and tested, but it’s the only student-focused system created for the longevity of your participants.

Full Resource Access

Not only do you have lifetime access to the course contents, but you also have access to done-for-you templates, workbooks, and PDFs.

Streamlined Workflow

Your new project management blueprint—get ready to be effortlessly productive.

Lean Operations

You can be successful without splurging. Learn what to invest in that will truly make a difference, and leave the rest.

Massive Growth

Avoid the biggest mistake of pouring efforts into the wrong places and use a set-in-place strategy for intentional growth.

Built for Creatives

This program was built for creatives of ALL kinds by a fellow successful creative (yours truly), so the information provided will directly apply to any creative niche.

Imagine if...

• you never had to fight with your internal self doubt because you have a system so good in place that your confidence is effortless
• you exceeded your goals each and every day
• you never worried if you were "doing it right" again because the proof is in your rave reviews (and wallet)
• you had financial freedom by doing what you love
• you became the go-to person in your industry because of the way you present knowledge and techniques
• executing your ideas was a matter of taking action (no more wasted rumination sessions) because you have a signature structure

If all of that feels out of reach, big, scary, unachievable, I want you to literally picture them as a reality.
This isn't a "someday" dream. This is a today is the first day of the rest of your life reality. And I'm honored to be a part of it.

Bye, fluff!

In order for online classes to be successful, they can’t simply be focused in one area.
The Creative Course Lab® is a proprietary, proven system that takes you step-by-step through the process of validating your course idea to set it up for success from the get-go, and addresses hurdles during the planning and creation stages, AND implements the only organic launch strategy you need (without the fluff of typical marketing programs).

You might be thinking...

"Cool, Peggy, great. But what about all of the resources that already exist?
What makes your program so different?"

I'll be real with you. You WILL find other course creation programs out there. They WILL promise you results.

But here's what they also do that I'll NEVER do:

🚫 They follow the same methods that keep getting recycled over and over again. It's boring and makes you blend in.
🚫 They provide overviews, tips and resources but forget to take extra measures to hold you accountable to do the work.
🚫 They're great cheerleaders. Don't get me wrong, mindset is crucial and we definitely dive deep into it within Creative Course Lab®. But I'm a straight shooter, giving you raw infrastructure to not only teach, but scale online education into a full-fledged, sustainable business.

Nobody taught me what I know. That's why I have an edge. That's why I stand out. And you shouldn't have to fit the mold or blend in, either.

Creative Course Lab® is broken up into 12 modules contained inside 4 phases:

The strategies, resources and tools I provide go far beyond just creating an online course.

The mindset, techniques, and systems that I can take you through before and during
your course building process is structured deeply in clarity for your student's journey.



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