Join a member-based community of mentorship, industry leading resources and support for artists of all stages who speak your language.

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Grow alongside your creative peers - a space where you belong


⭑ Content hub
⭑ Community space
⭑ Curated resources
⭑ Collaborations
⭑ Challenges
⭑ Interest groups
⭑ Price locked in for as long
as you remain a member


⭑ Content hub
⭑ Community space
⭑ Curated resources
⭑ Collaborations
⭑ Challenges
⭑ Interest groups
⭑ Price locked in for as long
as you remain a member

Hear from some of our community members

The Flock Community is a membership that is
intentionally curated for the creative entrepreneur.

Our community is intended to push creatives outside of their comfort zone to transform the growth
process and offer support through an inclusive community, exclusive to members of The Flock.

support | resources | industry secrets

✔️ 3-4 live sessions each month include group coaching, open studio time, social hours, and industry expert guests
✔️ Master lists of the best resources
✔️ Educational lessons
✔️ Customizable templates
✔️ eBooks & worksheets
✔️ Challenges designed to push you forward
✔️ Q&A sessions (NOTHING held back)
✔️ Curated community who speak YOUR language
✔️ Constructive critique
✔️ Expert sessions & interviews
✔️ and so, so, so much more...

The Flock membership sets itself apart from typical memberships by offering you more for less. This is a membership not only for creative resources, but it also takes you by the wing (couldn’t help it) to float you through everything you need behind-the-scenes, including master lists of materials, information on pricing and finding clients, turning your passion into something bigger, embracing the ugly, building confidence, and more, more, more, more and more!

Master Sessions

Hear from the best of the best in the industry each month as they bring you unfiltered tips and guidance

Community Spaces

Connect with your fellow creatives, get and give constructive feedback and critique, and share your wins

Live Coaching

Access live group coaching calls with Peggy Dean & connect with members at our Flock socials and open studio sessions

REAL Information

The gritty stuff you can't find on the web. The stuff pros don't want you to know about. The Flock is here to fill those gaps.

Personal Reviews

Each month, select members receive a deep analysis of one focal point, such as portfolio review, website review, etc.

Tangible Resources

The Flock is filled with downloadable guides, worksheets, templates, and more to help guide you in your entrepreneurial journey

Any of this sound familiar?

✔️ You’re seeking direction in a saturated art world.
✔️ You want honesty – RAW, REAL information… no more sponsored fluff.
✔️ You need accountability! It’s hard to find the time and motivation sometimes.
✔️ You want guidance and constructive feedback that will give you a realistic game plan.
✔️ You want a safe space where you belong and feel supported amongst others who are eager to grow in the same direction.
✔️ You’re tired of sifting through Google and Pinterest and Instagram trying to find ways to grow your skills and you want your time back.
✔️ You want real resources, real numbers, real everything!

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