Welcome to Day 1

I'm so happy to welcome you to this quick and easy training!
You're about to learn my fundamental tricks on jumpstarting
your skills in modern calligraphy techniques.

You'll notice 3 video lessons below. We'll first be covering supplies to get you started.

After you grab what you need, we'll jump into letter forms.
I've split that lesson up into 2 digestible videos so you can take a break in between!

Lesson 2: Peggy's Letter Form Fundamentals - pt 1

Lesson 3: Peggy's Letter Form Fundamentals - pt 2

Next steps...

When you're finished watching today's lessons, it's time to practice, practice, practice!
Really work on getting your letter forms tight. It's okay if they're sharp or wobbly.
It's all about getting that form down as muscle memory.


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I'll see you tomorrow in your lesson on creating intentional vibes and aesthetics.
I've got a trick to make it easier than you might think!