Studio Round Brush 3 Piece Set

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Create stunning art pieces with our eco-conscious brush set. Round brushes are ideal for applying effortless strokes and getting into the nitty-gritty of detailed work.

All brushes are cruelty-free and have professional grade, pure synthetic bristles. No animal hair = no animal abuse. 

Sizes include 2, 6, 10. 

Support local businesses and craft suppliers.

The Pigeon Letters donates a portion of all proceeds to nonprofits working toward sustaining wildlife. We are dedicated to this cause, and every purchase means that you are making a real difference in the world around you. 

Eco-conscious packaging

We actively implement sustainable practices in every aspect of our business. We are proud to say that we deliver high-quality products that are packaged using as many recycled materials as possible.

We also reuse any bubble wrap or plastic and if we don't have any on hand, we only use biodegradable alternatives.

Furthermore, we reuse packaging boxes at times, so you may receive a box that has been loved once before, and we encourage our customers to do the same.

By doing this, we are doing our part in reducing waste and promoting a sustainable future.


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The Pigeon Letters is committed to protecting, preserving and restoring wildlife and its habitats, ending the fur trade, and most of all, speaking up for those without a voice.

It's not common knowledge that a lot of art supplies are created with animals. To learn more about this (and I mean A LOT more), click here.

Giving back is an essential part of our business practices. It's a standard we consider to be a no-brainer. We believe that if we can make one positive impact a day, just one, that we've succeeded.

Your continued support makes it possible to support organizations all over the globe who are working to better our earth. The Pigeon Letters passes on a portion of every sale to nonprofits working to save wildlife and rehabilitate injured and abandoned animals. Each month, a different organization is chosen. We're proud to say that together, we've provided support for so many wonderful organizations.

View our list of our favorite organizations to support right here.

Small batch


Woman & LGBTQIA+ owned

Responsibly sourced

Why did I create paintbrushes?

I'm picky. I'm stubborn. And I had a specific goal. I actually never intended to sell my own line of art paintbrushes.

It began with a need for brushes that would slay fine lines for lettering, but also hold a ton of paint for painting. I worked on manufacturing them for my traveling workshop tours, and people couldn't get enough.

So here we are. And here's why they're worth investing in:

✔️ cruelty-free
✔️ artist-grade
✔️ eco-conscious
✔️ small batch
✔️ made by an artist, for artists

100% Pure synthetic bristles

Adorned with artist grade, no animal hair bristles, these paintbrushes made to withstand all stages of creation, reinforced bounce-back to achieve extra fine lines, even on the largest sizes.

Eco-conscious handles

The slightly tapered, lightweight brush handles aid in effortless painting with no additional processed materials. These paintbrushes are made with no additional processing, just natural wood, lacquered for longevity.

Proprietary non-shedding technology

These paintbrushes will not shed. No loose bristles. With proper care, these bristles will be good as new for years to come.

"I can't believe this hasn't been the quality standard for brushes all along"

Artists shouldn't have to choose between quality and sustainability.