Art of Soil Watercolor Swatches
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These Paints Are Made With Dirt! - Art of Soil Watercolor Swatches

15 Dec 2022
Watercolors made with dirt and natural pigments

I love nothing more than being in nature and bringing nature into my art in every way I possibly can. So when I saw these beautiful watercolors by Art of Soil that are made from dirt (as the name suggests...), I could not walk past them.

And of course, you know I couldn't leave you without some swatches 😉


Watch the swatches in action!


The paint pods come in a beautiful wooden palette that can also be re-filled with your most favourite colors later on.




Opening up the box every time feels like a treat in itself! How can you resist? You can't, and I couldn't either.




Prime your palette by spraying a bit of water onto the pods. Grab your favorite TPL brush and let's get swatching!




You can see how nature is mimicked beautifully in these deep shades - do you have a favorite yet?




All of you coffee lovers would be delighted to see these rich, brown tones. They feel so warming as you swatch, and although I do not drink coffee, I do enjoy these magical earthy colors.




One of my favorite things about watercolors is that you can change the tones and density so much depending on the amount of water you add. Look at these beauties!





Now that the swatches are done, I hope they inspired you to get closer to nature and start painting. And if you need some help, grab a copy of Peggy Dean's Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor - you won't want to put your watercolors down!



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