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The Best Phone Tripod is a...LAMP?

The Best Phone Tripod is a...LAMP?

It's been a whiiiile since I last did an unboxing, so I prepared something extra special for you today. Have a peek inside this mahoosive box I got in the mail recently. Is it a lamp? Is it a ring light? Is it a tripod? IS IT ALL THREE? You'll have to wait and see 😉


Canvas lamp review


Psst...rather watch a video unboxing? Check it out below.


Spoiler alert - it's a lamp.

Canvas lamp is a new product on the market and I feel like it will be very appealing to most of you out there (if I wouldn't think that, why would I bother writing about it? DUH). Gone are the days of figuring out how to take great photos of your art or adjusting those super dark process videos (you can still do that but, like, why?).


How to use a Canvas lamp


The product itself comes really nicely packaged, you can tell that it's very safe and snug in there so it doesn't get damaged in transit.



Your art supplies shouldn't get damaged either, so grab yourself this cute botanical canvas pen pouch and some monoline TPL pens to add to your stash.


The installation was very simple, it hardly took ANY time, and you have a few options depending on how you want to use the lamp.

There's a great amount of movement so you can twist the lamp around and adjust its position if you want to. You can even place it so that it gives you plenty of space to work with and does not get in the way. Neat huh?


Use a Canvas lamp for filming


The light switch has temperature settings depending on what you're after: warm and cool. AND you can adjust the amount of light you want it to emit. Want it super bright? No problem. Need just a bit of help? Turn it down until you're happy with the results.


Film video with Canvas lamp


Another great thing (you can probably tell by now what my verdict on this product will be but let's just carry on anyway) is that the base of the lamp is wooden and REALLY sturdy. This means you can count on it to hardly move around, if at all, when you're working, drawing, or doing whatever it is that you do. BUT it also lets you clamp it onto a desk without the base. Versatility is always a win.

So what's my verdict? I'm a big fan. And I'm sure you will be too. If you decide that you simply must have this lamp in your life, because I like you so much, you can get 10% off using PIGEONLETTERS10 at checkout. 'Cause we all love a discount, don't we?


Disclaimer: this post is NOT sponsored BUT I was gifted this lamp. Fret not, all views are my own, genuine and unbiased. I just really like this lamp MKAY..


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