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How I Painted My Studio Wall Mural

How I Painted My Studio Wall Mural

It's time it's time it's time! It's time to paint my studio wall mural again. If you've been around here for a while, you might remember the colorful wall mural I used to have before I needed a change and painted it over with a solid forest green. Well, it's now time to get painting again - and this time around I'm going cute and whimsical.


Watch the full painting process right here  👇

Here are some of my wall-painting necessities:

- Paint - benjamin moore

- My fav paintbrush for walls

- My projector

- My go-to playlist: Apple | Spotify


Normally, when I paint my wall, I just freehand everything. But this time I ended up creating the illustration in Procreate first

How to paint a mural

Using Procreate as my starting point also allowed me to plan out the mural better to make sure I get all the details and elements that I want AND space them out correctly. Next, I went ahead and re-created this grid on my wall using tape.

I start on the bigger blocks of color, and I found that I like this method a lot because it helps set in background more easily without having different layers compete with each other.  

Wall mural painting process

Throughout this fuuuun process, I use a few different brushes and rollers to be able to get into all the tiny spaces and add details where I want to. I find that it really helps having variety (especially if you don't forget your brushes in the paint until they harden...), and I reaaally enjoy angled brushes for this task.

How to paint a mural

Let's take a moment to appreciate how juicy that color looks. Adding bright, colorful accents really helps the entire world that I created on my wall stand out.

What I really like about painting murals is the finishing touches! I love to add fine lines and tiny details with my paint pens. And spoiler alert: I am so happy with the result, it's like having an energy drink for my eyes and it makes me feel so alert and inspired. Let's see how I feel about it in six months...

Whimsical wall mural

How to paint a mural

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