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Swatch Karin Neon Brush Markers with Me

Swatch Karin Neon Brush Markers with Me

It's about time to bring more color into our lives with spring coming at us in full force. I'm back at it again with a color swatch BUT this time I'm really making it pop because today we're swatching some neons! How about that? I know you love neons. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me 😉

I'll be using some simple lettering techniques in this swatch session (is this a thing?) but if you're not too familiar with lettering, you can grab a copy of my book, The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide, that tells you aaalll about it.





Let's get swatchin'! 

Karin marker swatches


I started off with the classic neon green because most of us immediately picture that exact color as soon as we hear "neon". 


Swatch markers with me


These colors can be quite difficult to work with but if you let your imagination run wild, you will find that you can create some REAL cool stuff. Need some inspiration? Here are 4 reasons to keep creating plus a bonus lettering tutorial.


How to swatch markers


Throw some orange in the mix - a perfect combination when the pumpkin season rolls around again.


Give your markers a home with this cute lil botanical canvas pouch.


Marker swatching tutorial


If you tend to lean more towards the pinks and blues, Karin also offer a few neon markers within that color range. You can use them to create some dreamy lettering pieces that are a lot less in your face, or perhaps an ombré effect using just one marker if keeping it simple is more your thing.


Marker swatch Karin markers


And there you have it! A full swatch off 12 Karin neon brush markers to get you thinking which ones you'd want to get for yourself. If you want to see them in action (aka in video form), head on over to my YouTube channel. 


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