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How to Organize Procreate Brushes

How to Organize Procreate Brushes

If you're like me and have a TON of brushes for Procreate (I like trying things out OK?), organization can be become really tricky. I often get asked how I organize my brushes, so buckle up for a super quick and easy tutorial on how to do just that.

How to organize Procreate brushes


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To avoid chaos when you open up your brushes and get ready to work in Procreate,  we're going to separate them with "dividers" to make everything easy to view and find.

Step 1: Create an empty brush folder

You can use whichever emoji you want to this, I typically go for a folder 📂 to create a visual illusion of a folder. 

how to organize brushes in Procreate

While I organize by the artist that created the brushes, you can decide to organize your brushes by type or how often you use them. Go with the option that will make your workflow quicker! 


Step 2: Drag and drop the brushes to organize!

Now that your folders are set up, just drag and drop the brushes underneath them in the order of your preference. Depending on the amount of brushes you have, this process might take a while but I guarantee you'll be happy to have done it. You will instantly notice how much easier it is to work in Procreate when you can easily find all of your favorite brushes.

How to organize brushes in Procreate


Bonus tip for brush creators

For those of you that create your own brushes (or maybe you want to start creating them), I have another neat trick for you. Consider it a surprise bonus. 

When I make a new set of brushes, I always add a cute little pigeon 🐦 emoji at the start so that I can see them easily. And to keep the brushes within the set organized, I set up a stamp and use it as a divider to separate brushes that fall into the same category.

Organizing Procreate brushes

And that's it! Now you're all set and ready to go  🥳 Looking for some tips to organize your Procreate gallery? Head to this blog and I'll show you how to do just that.

How to organize Procreate




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