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Intentionally curated for the creative entrepreneur, intended to push creatives and offer support through an inclusive community, fresh educational lessons delivered weekly, along with live chats, connection and motivation.

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View classes to watch at your leisure, up your skills in lettering, drawing, your creative biz, and more.

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What if you created online  courses that had a stand-out signature framework that resulted in wildly engaged students each and every time? Well, now they're gonna.


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Practice makes progress 

The beauty behind making something with our hands is in the imperfections. Learning how to master flaws and channel them into distinguished character is what makes your art special and unique to you. Breaking down elements into fundamentals will give you a foundation that you can confidently build your craft upon.









I've got over 50 bite-sized courses on Skillshare...

hand lettering tutorial


From fundamentals to building cohesive alphabets to ornamental flourishes, these quick lessons will take you from a beginner to a lettering master!

watercolor tutorial for beginners


Vibrant color, experimental texture, brush control, paint:water ratio, flowers, leaves... Let's jump into watercolor, gouache, and more!


how to draw flowers


The beauty is often in the imperfections. Learning how to see objects in a new way, through shapes and lines, allows you to recreate them on paper. Let's explore!


procreate tricks


There are so many ways to do one thing in software programs like Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Learn the ins and outs of must-know and must-use software to optimize your workflow.


entrepreneurship tips

Art Biz

Social media tricks, pricing your work, building a creative career... Jump into my world and I'll guide you through my tried and true best practices.